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DYI autumn wreath

DYI autumn wreath

Step-By-Step DIY Autumn Wreath

Here you will find some inspiration for DIY decorations with Sirius light decorations as well as nature's very own decoration
Everything you need for a small do-it-yourself project for the weekend or fall break.

1.Start taking a small basket into the woods, and go in search of small larvae, larch, birch branches that can be cut into smaller pieces, oak leaves or acorns. You can just stroll past the local flower shop or garden center to buy immature lilies as well as eucalyptus branches that can be divided into small twigs.
[If you want a more durable wreath you can find many mixed art materials at your local hobby store]

2. Further, find flower thread, scissors and metal ring from the retainers. If you do not have a metal ring, you can either buy a gold ring from your local hobby store or make your own. All you need for this is some heavy duty steel wire or a dry cleaning bar you are converting. Next, floral tape should be twisted around so that the bouquets are better stuck.

3. Next, make small bouquets of each kind of greenery and branches, and tie them together with flower thread. When all the bouquets are done you can then tie them around the gold ring. Make sure to wrap the thread several times around the metal ring so that they are securely fastened. Put them at random a bit, and change direction so that fill comes inside as well as outside.

4.Lighten the wreath with the Knirke light chain 3.9m, which you can either lay loose all the way around the wreath, or wrap around the wreath. If you choose the last option you will probably need 2 pieces of 3.9 m Knirke light chains, and then it will light up much more.

5. Finally, you can wrap the birch branches, cones and acorns in the wreath or simply sprinkle them loosely on top. It is only the imagination that limits what else you can add to make your own mark - it could be, for example, glitter.

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